2017 Resume Coaching Opportunities

Every month, we enlist some awesome volunteers to help our newest Entrepreneur-in-Trainings (EITs) jumpstart their job searches by helping them to finalize a professional resume that's ready for employers. This is a remote volunteer opportunity that can be completed from anywhere in the world (as long as you have internet access!).

Resume Coaching kicks off with a 20-minute video tutorial that will equip you to edit our EITs’ resumes and personal statements. We’ll address topics like:

  • How do you help an EIT document a work history when all of it has been illegal?
  • Do you include a job on your resume if you were fired?
  • If you had an unpaid prison job/work assignment, can you include it?

Once you’re a trained expert, you’ll edit five resumes and five personal statements. Bring your A-game!

This volunteer opportunity requires a five hour time commitment over a two-week period.

Click here to apply!

Have questions? Send our team an email at volunteers@defyventures.org.