Mentoring Opportunities

Defy’s Executive Mentoring Program is a critical component in the transformation of our Entrepreneurs-in-Training (EITs). The program harnesses the core competencies and business acumen of private sector leaders to coach Defy EITs through the development and launch of their businesses. Through a combination of group, one-on-one, and phone/Skype sessions, mentors also serve as a resource and support for Defy EITs in their personal and professional development. 

Mentors are matched with one Defy EIT for a one-to-one mentoring relationship. The matching takes place at a Defy-organized event where you will get a chance to meet a number of EITs before selecting which ones you would be interested in mentoring. At this event, EITs are also asked to identify mentors with whom they would be interested in being paired. Defy staff decides on final mentor pairings based on mutual mentor-EIT preferences.

Defy mentoring takes place during Defy-organized group sessions, off-site meetings scheduled independently between mentors and EITs, and remote discussions via telephone and/or Skype. The goals of the mentor program are to help EITs to:

  • Refine their business concepts and write their business plans

  • Succeed in Defy business pitch competitions

  • Roll out and grow their businesses

  • Explore critical issues related to leadership and personal development

Defy Ventures expects mentors to maintain a relationship with their assigned EIT until they complete the Business Incubator.

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