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4/23/19 Business Coaching Day at Kern Valley State Prison, C Yard

Description of Event:  Business Coaching Day (BCD): Business Coaching Days are great ways to meet like-minded volunteers and many talented, ambitious Entrepreneurs-in-Training (EITs). These events begin with some powerful icebreakers and continue on with one-on-one career coaching activities and empathy building activities. These events build not just marketable employment readiness skills but more overlooked components of human health in the criminal justice system; conversations with our volunteers enhance EITs' self-esteem, aspiration, and sense of hope. 
Time Volunteers must arrive at facility at 9 am and the event will conclude by 4 pm. A bus will leave from Sherman Oaks should you want to travel from Defy. It will leave at approximaely 6:30am.

LocationKern Valley State Prison in Delano, CA

Complete this KVSP 4/23 BCD Clearance Form to register for event (clearances due by 3/20/19)