Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What happens at a Business Coaching Night?

A: Coaching nights begin with Defy’s signature icebreakers that help us create the inclusive and accepting community we work hard to foster throughout each aspect of our program. After some introductions from EITs and volunteers, we begin the business coaching. The goal is to let your expertise shine by providing the EITs with as much feedback as possible through one-on-one and group coaching sessions. At the end of the night, we come back together to debrief and reflect on the insights learned throughout the evening.

Q: What is expected of me at Business Coaching Night? How should I prepare?

A: Just come willing to work with our EITs and bring your experience and wisdom to the table. We have volunteers from all backgrounds – legal, finance, tech, startups, marketing, etc. – and will match you with EITs looking for help in your area of expertise.

Q: What are EITs working on for these Business Coaching Nights?

A: EITs complete business milestones of increasing complexity as they progress through the program. EITs will bring their resumes to get feedback on as well as their business ideation worksheets. EITs in our Business Incubator have likely incorporated and will be working on their business plans, financial models, and pitch decks for our Investment Committees. All EITs will come with specific questions and be looking to get advice and wisdom from business professionals of all backgrounds.

Q: Can I bring a friend?

A: We would love for you to bring your friends! Please have them e-mail [email protected] so we can properly onboard them. We aim to have even numbers of EITs and volunteers for the events, so it’s important we get everyone approved and signed up before they show up. Thank you!